MTM chip

Richard Tanimura Richard at
Sun Oct 20 08:58:28 EDT 2002

MTM is probably the premier Audi tuner in Germany. Mayer has been at it
longer than most and has a solid reputation. To my way or thinking, it is
hardware like the IC, turbo, wastegate, injectors, etc. that ultimately
determine the performance envelope. A chip will let you get the most out of
what is there, it won't increase the size of the evelope.

BTW I think you are looking at 2 chips, one for boost and one for fuel.

My $0.02


PS - $500 sounds good for an original MTM. Seems that the price of chips is
finally coming down. But you can buy no-name copies on ebay for 25-120
Euros. Trouble is you don't know if they are MTM, ABT or Hermann the Hacker.

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Hello everyone, new to the list, just bought a 91, 200TQW and love it. The
shop that I have bought the car from is an audi only tuner, apparently well
respected and is recommending an MTM chip. He says that the chip is plug and
play, not soldered and does not use a stiffer wastegate spring. I have read
nothing about this chip and thought that the chips were soldered into the
computer. The IA chip w/ the stiffer wastegate spring seems to be the
favorite of this and other groups so I was wondering if anyone has any
experience w/ the MTM. He will sell/install the MTM for $500 and said it
makes 270hp. I live in colorado if it matters. Thanx in advance.

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