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Sun Oct 20 22:34:28 EDT 2002

At 8:22 PM -0600 10/19/02, Andy wrote:

>Hello everyone, new to the list, just bought a 91, 200TQW and love
>it. The shop that I have bought the car from is an audi only tuner,
>apparently well respected and is recommending an MTM chip.

What is the name of the tuner?

>  He says that the chip is plug and play, not soldered and does not
>use a stiffer wastegate spring

The only chip that 'requires' a wastegate spring is TAP's, and that's
mostly because it isn't very well designed.

>. I have read nothing about this chip and thought that the chips
>were soldered into the computer.

They are.  Some vendors install sockets, however.  Still, soldering
is required.

>  The IA chip w/ the stiffer wastegate spring seems to be the
>favorite of this and other groups

IA does not sell stiffer wastegate springs for the 20vt.  They are
100% unnecessary with a proper chip.

>  so I was wondering if anyone has any experience w/ the MTM. He will
>sell/install the MTM for $500 and said it makes 270hp.

Peter Schulz has the MTM chip in his wagon- it is quite good.  Chris
Miller and I both have the IA 3+.  I'm sure there are a lot of Hoppen
customers on the list who are happy as well(Hoppen resells MTM.)

All are pretty much good for about the same levels, 270-280hp
depending upon the chip, wind direction, etc :-)  TAP's chip claimed
265 minus the spring.

>  I live in colorado if it matters.

Just adds shipping costs(versus your local guy, for which you'll pay
sales tax I presume), that's all.

I had heard that early versions of the MTM chip(which supposedly TAP
used) were defective, but the problem has been corrected for several

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