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Mon Oct 21 02:37:52 EDT 2002

At 7:06 AM +0200 10/21/02, Mihnea Cotet wrote:

>Huh? So you mean that MTM who sells and installs WG springs on their
>customers' cars aren't doing their job properly now?

Well, actually, yes.  Early versions of the 3B chips from MTM
required springs because the code was faulty.  Later revisions don't
require it.

Ride in a car with the early code, and you'll notice distinct boost
spikes/surges.  Namely, three.  Particularly noticeable at highway

>>>. I have read nothing about this chip and thought that the chips
>>>were soldered into the computer.
>>They are.  Some vendors install sockets, however.  Still, soldering
>>is required.
>Nope they aren't !!!!! AT least on the 3B ECUs they have never been
>soldered and never required unsoldering, and even some UrS4 ECUs
>that I've seen (they had never been opened, one of them was brand
>new from Bosch) had sockets in them. So one more time you're wrong

Take a look at:

The S-car ecu in the second set of photos clearly has soldered ROMs.
The 3B pictures show a plastic guard over the ROMs, which might be in
place to secure the chip in a socket.  There could be multiple
versions as well.

Your observations of european 3B ecus could have no bearing on US
ecus which, among other things, were produced a year later.

>>>  The IA chip w/ the stiffer wastegate spring seems to be the
>>>favorite of this and other groups
>>IA does not sell stiffer wastegate springs for the 20vt.  They are
>>100% unnecessary with a proper chip.
>That's not true! MTM sells 2.5 and 3 Bar chip upgrades for the 3B
>AND install stiffer WG springs without their customers necessarily
>knowing about that! A 15$ spring would be a too easy improvement if
>everyone knew it, think a little! I've seen the real MTM "Fat 'n'
>Low" UrS4 that had a stiffer WG spring from MTM in it, now what do
>you say to that?

Well, I'd say that MTM is not the final authority in Audi tuning,
given that Ned's chip works flawlessly minus any sort of spring

   Among other things, their chips in all the current Audi turbo
models fall very flat of APR's work.  I don't believe I've ever heard
of an A4 or S4tt owner with MTM chips- most everyone goes with either
APR or Garret. APR has the dyno charts to prove their numbers, and
their numbers are a whole lot better.  Garret has probably the
strongest reputation around for custom chip development.

You and I have had the why-20vs-don't-need-springs discussion and I'm
not going to rehash it further...especially with your pugnacious

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