Lake Superior Rally Report

Mon Oct 21 12:05:55 EDT 2002

A cold weekend with blizzards, deer, broken mitsus and familiar names....
The UP of Michigan let loose some great action at this year's Lake Superior
Prorally.  The highlights (official report at

*  R. Lagemann from the quattro list deserves a big congrats on his first
season in open class with a 2nd place finish.  Beating Choinere is far from
an easy task.  Even if RL was driving a scoobie do.  Not enough to take the
manufacturers championship from Buffum and his hyundai's, the action was
pretty intense from Subaru's perspective (including a balled and rolled
factory car during testing earlier in the week).

*  LT1Q and lister (codriver) Bob Dupree moved up 12 spots to finish with
Driver John Rek in the 95 S2 quattro.  Although rain/sleet and snowstorms
dominated the weather, we still managed to run the slicks for the tarmac
stage on Saturday.  Only quattro to finish (3 entered IMS)

*  Urq lister Dave Ritter was seen driving something other than his urq....

*   Percentages:  7 of 10 Mitsu Evo's entered DNF'd.  Rough rally.

*  PII:  6 Impreza's in the top 10 spots.  Getting better

*  PIII:  83 cars entered, 34 finished.  .425 ERA

Other interesting observations:  Old vs new....  Reese Millen (dnf) and the
mitsu boys (full race truck with tents and 7 crew)  were giving the audisport
engineering a thorough inspection during our Copper Harbor Service.  They
were incredulous at things like the electro/hydraulic clutch, quick release
trans arrangement, exhaust (tapered full length, no mufflers) and general
serviceability audi designs into their rally cars.  Proud to show off the
toys.  The S2 ran flawlessly, and other than the aluminum bushings causing
loose steering/suspension components, it was fuel and tires only this
weekend.  Given the weather, a great thanks to the audi gods.....

Scott  Justusson
Crew Chief
Car 559  1995 Audi S2 FIA group A import

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