Should I buy a 1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro? - need help!

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Mon Oct 21 09:24:55 EDT 2002

yeah, that's what i was thinking too. the guy is an
audi nut just like you guys! (and hopefully me soon).
being that the next competitor to the 200q20v is an
friggen S6 (or is it an S4 - can someone help me out
on this one?) for twice the money, you can't pass this
thing up.

with that said, what the heck is the difference b/t
the 200q20v and the S6? besides the body styling? same

lastly, i think you guys have swayed me. i'm going to
pass on the 560SEC, i would really miss the
performance of a 5 speed sport sedan. besides, the car
is just such a sleeper. not that i would do this, but
it sure would be fun to put a really loud blow off
valve on the audi, like a greddy or an hks, just to
freak out unsuspecting fart can equipped acuras and
hondas. lol!

see ya,

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