More on audi wheel bolts/studs/torque

Mon Oct 21 16:32:58 EDT 2002

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With you on the jam nut idea Bernie, it's not practical in application, nor
the problem.  WRT replacement....  I spoke with several Metric fastener guys
in the past few months.  10.9 bolts can be stressed if the threads themselves
lose the cold rolled tempered edge and sharpness.  dirt and corrosion are the
enemy here.  With very infrequent service intervals, I've actually
experienced hub thread failure on customer cars just pulling the bolt out of
the wheel.  All should know that audi hubs are expensive, like 270USD dealer
only...   It's pretty easy to ck on any hub tho, just screw in the bolt sans
wheel and ck for radial play (there should be virtually none).  Regular
inspections and cleaning of wheel bolts is a good thing.  I actually had 1
customer that ruined 2 hubs with 1 bad (slagged) bolt.



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b.m.benz at writes:

Jam nuts will keep the main nut from turning, but that is not the cause of
the loss of clamping torque!  Also an impractical waste of time at the
track, how would you get a second wrench on the main nut down in a typical
wheel's bolt well?

The studs and nuts or bolts are way understressed in this application, so no
need to replace at any interval, IMO.


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