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Jerald S. Beer gsfent at prodigy.net
Mon Oct 21 17:54:19 EDT 2002

  Well, this is a problem that has been around for a couple of years for
me, and I am in south Florida where heat is already an issue. My point
was that after putting on the MSD, I have had no stumbling in the few
test runs that I have done, where I had it before.  If I "snuck up" on
full boost, I didn't have much proble, but when I went WOT, I would have
this noticable stumble/backing off. Slightly letting up on the throttle
would bring it back to life. Only difference has been the addition of
the MSD.
 I am running a larger k24/26 from 2Bennett which helps some. I agree
the IC is inefficient for anything more than short bursts, so I am prob
going to go with an Aquamist setup unless someone has a very good IC
that is not made out of unobtanium. I had run the original k24 to as
high as 24 psi and there  was definitely a heat soak issue, although at
20 psi it didn't do too badly. For the very modest investment in the
ignition box (Sumitt Racing), I am very happy so far. I will prob have
the car on the track this weekend so I will see how the MSD with about
1/2 degree ignition timing retard per psi works out. Will be glad to
keep the list posted.

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Jerry et al,

I'm not sure the ignition is the problem here, if you unscrewed the WG
"only" 20 psi (this means roughly 1.3 Bar) how much were you running
before? Don't you know the stock turbo is at its limits with 1.5 Bar
overboost, nevermind continuous pressure? I think this is rather a
size causing way too hot temps rather than an ignition issue, Claus was
having ignition surging at 1.7 Bar with his 3B on the other side, which,

for the stock K24 is just too much. I guess people will have to make a
choice here and choose wether they want the K24's driveability or
top end... I, for one, will go either the K26/27 hybrid or the RS2
the K24 is just way too small for me, or otherwise I'll end up
an IC as big as the car :-))) Furthermore, the stock 3B ignition doesn't

give a damn about the manifold pressure as the system relies on the MAF
only.... The MAP sensor is only used to control the WGFV in these ECUs

HTH somehow,


At 14:28 21/10/2002 -0400, Jerald S. Beer wrote:

>   I agree about ignition being a problem with the 3B. I have Ned's
>older Stage III setup with 2.5 bar PT. At high boost/heat, I have had a

>constant problem of the car "backing off". I adjusted the WG to run
>"only" 20 psi to solve the problem. I just added an MSD and early
>returns are the problem has gone away, even with turning up the boost.
>Regards, Jerry
>91 200qa

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