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Robert (Robby?),

The point with these cars, ECUs, chips and everything is that the 20vt
engines are about the most foolproof engines Audi has ever made.
Furthermore, the Mo(t)ronic fuel/ignition system on this car is
auto-adaptative, which means that it adapts the fuel/ignition values
according to your driving style, the fuel you're using, the engine wear
that causes the engine's volumetric efficiency to be altered and many other
things. This means that even if you chip a relatively worn engine (say 120k
miles, aka barely broken in :-) ), the ECU will still react to the fact
that at some engine speed and a certain air flow entering the engine, there
will be knock or the mixture will be too lean compared to what it's
supposed to be. And it will react accordingly, by retarding the ignition
timing or enrichening the mixture, or lowering the boost level. IMHO, a
dyno-burned chip is overkill for the particular performance level we're
looking at here and it could even give worse results if the guy doing these
mods doesn't have a hint on what engine he's tuning... For instance, if you
go to Germany with your 200q20v and buy an ECU upgrade from MTM, they will
simply burn a pair of chips according to your ECU's software version and
install them in. No dyno run before, no dyno run after. Why? Because at
these kinds of performance levels, the chips simply don't need to be custom
tailored to each car, as it would be the case on a car with an RS2
turbo/manifold, custom intake manifold, bigger IC, bigger exhaust, etc.
wrt compression ratio, I believe the limit of 9.3:1 is at about 2.0 Bar
overboost and 1.7 Bar continuous pressure, or about 400 HP if memory
serves, before that the ECU and the knock sensors take care of everything
if the knock sensors' function hasn't been disabled (some racing software
versions simply don't care about the knock sensor signal anymore)...
wrt exhaust, I don't think you'll gain that much with the stock engine
management. and a cold air intake (the ones like the Honduh guys I mean) is
simply worth nothing more than a cool induction noise, air filter oil on
the MAF's wire and increased wear on the turbo cold side (due lower
filtration capacity).

Just my 0.02,


At 08:33 21/10/2002 -0700, robert weinberg wrote:
>here's my question about all these chips. isn't it
>kind of like playing with fire by using generic chips?
>every car is different, especially as they age. maf
>voltage, fuel pump, injectors, every part ages
>differently on every car, so to use a chip out of box
>worries me a lot.
>i guess i would feel a lot more comfortable if i could
>have the chip custom burned to my car on a dyno. seems
>like the only way to go. also, being the engine is
>running such an oddly high compression ratio for a
>boosted engine, 9.3:1, isn't a lot more boost kind of
>dangerous in the long run? does anyone use dished
>pistons when throwing bigger turbos on this car?
>don't know, if i get this car, i think i'll just start
>with full exhaust, downpipe, etc. can the intake be
>improved, cold air intake for example?
>how much power increase could i expect from a larger
>down pipe and a cold air intake. just seems safer to
>start off than to chip off the bat.
>see ya,
>--- t44tq at wrote:
> > MTM definitely has a presence in the A4/S4
> > community-
> > Stratmosphere was one dealer until they switched to
> > Abt
> > and Hoppen sells MTM upgrades for the newer cars.
> >
> > APR is not the be-all-end-all either- they have had
> > difficulty doing the B6 chassis A4 1.8T- don't know
> > if
> > they have a chipset for that car yet.
> >
> > Taka
> >
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