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Would  it be possible for you to evaluate whether or not antiseize might
alleviate the loss of torque problem.

Here's my story:  I have done a number of wheel changes at the change of
season when I replace winter tires/wheels with summer tires/wheel.  In
every instance, after driving the car for a few miles, I found that the
wheel bolts needed retorqueing.  I finally applied some copper containing
antiseize to the bolts and since then have never had to retorque after a
wheel change over.

I have heard all sorts of statements relating to "NEVER use antiseize on
wheel bolts!"  IME, I've been satisfied with the results.  Would this be
worth a try for your car?  At worst you will need to clean off some grease
from the bolts and their mating parts.  At best your problem might be

At 11:41 AM 10/21/02, QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:

>After my Gingermann incident 2 weekends ago (wheel off), and subsequent list
>'engineering' chatter, my second performance operations opportunity came this
>past weekend at LSPR with the S2 Rally car.  The car is an audisport 95 S2
>with sport q brakes and stud conversion.  We ran 2 different sets of wheels
>tires (compomotive no spacers and ABT mit spacers).  Obviously wheel torque
>was still fresh on my mind.
>Studs in terms of torque?  Didn't appear to do a damn thing boys, spacers or
>no....   The wheel nuts were still loose after only 2 stages of running, and
>rechecks of wheel torques during the rally indicated that the fresh wheel
>change does affect wheel bolt torque, and after a couple of rechecks (without
>wheel change) the torque remained constant.  This experience supports BB and
>my contention that frequent retorques in a performance environment should be
>the riguer, and any other "fix" is complicated by definition.
>ALL top teams (including mitsu and scoobies) were retorquing wheels at EVERY
>service stop, wheel change or not.  Bretts comments on "hot wheel" torque
>might be worth pursuing...  But IME, you don't have time to cool the wheels
>in most performance arenas (you couldn't hold the hot wheel nuts during swaps
>in my case).   I've personally never heard of a "revised" hot wheel bolt/nut
>torque in practice.
>Studs on our car are due to be replaced.  FYI, I doubt ANY shop would (they
>shouldn't anyway) reuse a pressed out wheel bearing.  The risk of doing the
>job twice isn't worth the effort.  We also experienced slag deposits on the
>studs from removing and installing hot wheels.  The easy thing to do is to
>replace wheel bolts at a routine interval, make sure hub threads are clean (a
>battery brush works well here) and allow no radial play of bolts
>WRT jamb nuts on studs....  I'd never do it, and few fastener manufacturers
>would recommend it.  Get the 10.9 grade bolts/nuts and recheck torque often,
>or even more....
>As an aside, I've gotten several humorous stories of those who lost a wheel
>sometime in their lifetime (I'm in more company than I thought).  Common
>denominator?  All members of this club, are now pretty fanatical about wheel
>fastener torque.  And the average "loss" count in this club is *exactly* 1.
>Hmmm.    Sure hope all this saves someone else from this ascribed membership.
>Studs aren't "overkill", nor a fix.  Get a torque wrench, and overkill the
>use of it.
>Scott Justusson., M.A.C.
>Membership Avoidance Counselor
>3 wheeler club
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