[s-cars] More on audi wheel bolts/studs/torque

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If the bolts are too hot to touch then why not wear gloves??? Err formula crews do don't they.

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> Hmm.  DIR might not be so clear in execution and practice.  Interesting post
> Bob.  I didn't do a "removal" torque procedure.  On the wagon, it's been 10
> days since my last (torque) confession.  I'll give you a report.  On the
> Rally car, I can share that my electric Impact generates 240lb/ft of torque
> on removal, we had no problems.   I'm open for any fix to the procedure here
> accepting the givens.  The problem most of us have in a performance
> environment is the *inability* to allow the car to cool before any torque
> procedure.  In the extreme case of the rally car, when the nuts were put on
> the studs you couldn't touch either without burning yourself.
> SJ
> wagon report to follow
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> Scott:
> I'm in the opposite club!
> Last year at the Glen, I would check my wheel toque HOT after every run,
> with a "clicker" type torque wrench.   Never thought of backing the nuts
> off, just click, click, click...Ok.
> Roll forward to end of day, time to remove Hoosiers...No f^**ing way.   One
> of the front lug bolts wasn't budging, so I tried to call in Professional
> Help.  Along comes Steve Early's friend and resident LumberJack/Mechanic
> "Jake", who tries his best but winds up stripping the head of the lug till
> it's nearly round.   Finally, I drove down the hill into town on the Hoosier
> into Smalley's garage, sacrificed my 4" socket extension and we welded the
> extension to the lug bolt.  After several broken welds, a lot more heat than
> I would have like to have seen, we finally got the bolt/socket extension
> out.   Steve Early now uses it as a prop in his NEQ "torque your wheels"
> lectures.
> Lesson:  Torque your wheels, but do it right!
> Bob

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