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Count me in the opposite camp, I'm in favor or using
antiseize WHENEVER two dissimilar metals are used,
AND there will be frequent disassembly. I don't want
to experience galling, rusting, pitting, etc.

I use antiseize on the studs, wheel bolts, etc. on
the cars that have aluminum wheels and steel fasteners.
That includes the Honda Oddy minivan (family mobile),
Audi A8, and Porsche 944 turbo racercar. Before the
Honda and the Audi, I used the same technique on the
Volve 940 wagon and Lincoln Mark 8. Those vehicles
went well over 100K miles each. I never had problems
removing the lug nuts. I never has problems with
loose lug nuts either.

Regarding the Porsche, that gets regular track action,
and frequent wheel changes (practice wheels, race wheels,
rain wheels). I use antiseize on the threads, AND on the
hub, where the wheel fits against it. I don't use a lot
of AS, just a VERY thin layer.

I'm not concerned about the effects of lubricant on
torque values. If anything, the lubricant will cause
me to have a higher than indicated torque. I use a click
type torque wrench, set to the correct values. The
Porsche requires 90 ft lbs for the lug nuts. The AS
may result in more torque, but if the lug nut doesn't
break when I put it on, it won't ever break.


Barry Lenoble
lenoble at optonline.net

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I'm one of the ones that said NO! Robert.  IME with antiseize, it can only
compound, not alleviate anything wrt torquing wheels.  A bolt torque (unless
otherwise specified - IE head bolts for instance) are "dry" specification.
ANY use of a lubricant on wheel bolts will change that torque specification.
To what?  I have no idea.  But I have seen wheels with A/S on them get
 YMMV?  It could, but contrary to your experience, my customers using it
hasn't been so good with A/S

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