CV boot replacement

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Mon Oct 21 22:23:31 EDT 2002

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> The lower control arm prevents the stub from escaping the hub
> but maybe undoing the inner CV from the tranny (I decided dropping
> the lower arm was easier) would free it ?

I think if you're going to go in after a boot, it only makes sense to do
both.  In that case, you should unbolt the inner from the tranny, remove the
hub bolt from the outer... and then I believe if you turn the steering full
lock, you'll be able to free the whole axle shaft without
removing/disconnecting any suspension components.  I can't absolutely state
this as fact on the 200 20v, as I haven't done one on this car yet.  This was
possible on all of my other Audis and VWs, so I'm thinking the same will be
true for the '91.

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