[s-cars] More on audi wheel bolts/studs/torque

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Mon Oct 21 21:11:56 EDT 2002

Lubed bolts allow higher clamping forces, period!  The creep of the alum
wheel materal still ocours, just happens faster under the higher loads and
thus reaches equilibrium quicker, requiring less retorquing.  Added small
benefit, can be removed easily at any time.


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> Subject: Re: [s-cars] More on audi wheel bolts/studs/torque
> Scott,
> Would  it be possible for you to evaluate whether or not antiseize might
> alleviate the loss of torque problem.
> Here's my story:  I have done a number of wheel changes at the change of
> season when I replace winter tires/wheels with summer tires/wheel.  In
> every instance, after driving the car for a few miles, I found that the
> wheel bolts needed retorqueing.  I finally applied some copper containing
> antiseize to the bolts and since then have never had to retorque after a
> wheel change over.
> I have heard all sorts of statements relating to "NEVER use antiseize on
> wheel bolts!"  IME, I've been satisfied with the results.  Would this be
> worth a try for your car?  At worst you will need to clean off some grease
> from the bolts and their mating parts.  At best your problem might be
> eliminated.

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