[s-cars] More on audi wheel bolts/studs/torque

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Mon Oct 21 22:51:44 EDT 2002

Is this of any helP?

"..only 10% of the applied torque generates preload..."  followed by
something about molybdenum-disulphide grease etc.

say about 1/2 the way down the page.  Or


FWIW, Loctite's opinion may be located somewhere in


in which it seems the discussion perhaps ought to be (per Monica Lewinsky) a
little more specific about what kind of anti-seize you blokes are using on
your nuts.


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~Many have, including audisport.  It happens.  Lubricant is a wet torque
~specification, which means the use of it adds torque (yes Bernie, I ckd).
~Wet torque is always less than dry torque.  Depending on the brand and
~content of the A/S you use (they are not ALL created equal), this will
~Even if you decide to use A/S, retorquing of the wheels should be
~a standard
~procedure, since the "backing" out isn't necessarily a A/S problem.

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