Anti-lag devices, pros and cons?

Mihnea Cotet c_mihnea at
Tue Oct 22 08:53:05 EDT 2002

--- Chewy4000 at wrote:
> Most SCCA prorally cars here use it too, including
> Sprongle's S2 and all the Evos.
Cooooool, I wish I was closer from Sprongl's so I
could go and ask him to let me study his system!!!!

> Too noisy to be using on the street, and prob. blow
> your cats up anyway.
heheheh, that's the point, I don't have no cats on my
car because it's not required to have them... so as
long as no one asks about them I don't tell anyone
either :-)

> Youll have cops getting calls of shots fired too.
Oh, I didn't mean to use it in my neighborhood, just
on some country roads where I like to play because
there's no one at any time of the day or of the


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