Anti-lag devices, pros and cons?

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You are talking about open dumpvalves contra recirculating dumpvalves?
Open wastegates contra wastegates feed into the exhaust system again?
The issue is to keep the turbo spooling -
If you have a MAF between air-filter and turbo you
dump meassured air which in turn enrichens the mixture.
If the mixture is too fat, the engine hesitates a bit. I have
heard people say, that on their particular engine it was not an advantage for that reason.
Systems based on mapsensors should not be so sensitive to that (but where come the flames from if not fuel dumping?)

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Subject: Anti-lag devices, pros and cons?

> Title says it all, what are the pros and cons
> (especially the cons) for anti-lag systems? Increased
> turbo wear? Worse fuel economy? I saw this in an
> article about the Peugeot 206 WRC car that puts out
> 300+ HP and 650 Nm of torque at 3550 RPM and it uses
> an anti-lag system that seems to work pretty well, so
> I thought "why not?"...
> Any valuable BTDT or more specific info is welcome!
> Mihnea
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