rear speakers only, indeed

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You are correct Brett, the front amplifiers have decoupling capacitors too.
left front one is in the garage,I need to buy a set (perhaps more than one)
and get it fixed. Right now I'm running three speakers...
The usual symptoms are the low frequency buzzing, known by the
technical term "motorboating". The service life of aluminum caps is
typically around eight to twelve years, less in hot surroundings.

Would you by any chance have the capacitor specs handy? perhaps even
"DigiKey" numbers?



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> Audi says only recalling the rear speakers is necessary.
> I beg to differ.
> C7, 203, 31, 25, 19 have been removed already; C8 has been
> replaced(I'm in the process of repairing a unit for Chris.)
> Both circuit boards contain almost identical components and fail in
> the same way- electrolytic fluid leaks out and causes
> corrosion/shorting.  The big difference is that only the rears, due
> to a different circuit board orientation, short out and go nuclear.
> Brett
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