My input on wheel torque

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Wed Oct 23 00:16:47 EDT 2002

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I've done less events. But taught a few too.  From what I've seen.
Four loose wheels after tech inspection - generally second day.  Last at
NHIS last Aug
(Paul's student?) and I've had two out of 20 bolts back off at one stage
during the two days.
Stock cars since 1997 with both alloy and steel wheels.  All I've found
loose were alloys.
Some more than others.
-Scott in BOSTON my input

I've been doing some more thinking about your loosening problem,
and something is really strange. I do about 10-15 track days
a year (all with PCA) and I see thousands of cars on the track
each year. Each car must go through a track side tech inspection
held the morning of the event, and one of the tests is wheel
bolt torque. Very few people ever bother to check the wheels
again, and I haven't seen a wheel fall off in a long time.

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