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I disagree with you on your Distributor comments....
Look at the engine in the Talladega 5kqt..

Look at one of the IMSA motors:

I see plug wires and a distributor, on an engine detuned to about 650hp....
They evidently did not have an issue running a distributor at over 300 hp.

Of course, I can't see if they are running the 1991 200 20v motronic ECU....
That's probably the main difference

...different engine management system


At 09:39 PM 10/22/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>The 3B uses a distributor in its ignition system.
>The AAN uses individual coil packs for ignition and has
>ignition control over each individual cylinder. This additional
>control allows the engine to run at a much higher state of tune
>than a 3B. The cross-firing distributor problem that is a known
>issue with 3Bs running high boost is eliminated and individual
>ignition and timing control is far more sophisticated engine
>management overall.
>Thus, as I said, the long-term goal of converting to AAN ECU and
>direct ignition, along w/ RS2 intake & exhaust manifolds, turbo,
>MAF and software. I can live w/ 380hp. :-)
>I'll save the 500hp goal for when I get a 951S and have the money
>and time to get it converted into something like the 3.1L 16v monster
>that an acquaintance owns.

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