Turbo Upgrades?

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at attbi.com
Wed Oct 23 08:10:40 EDT 2002

Quattro Crews,

I have IA's Stage III ECU installed on my 91 200 TQA and a Lehmann
Exhaust Manifold is on the way.   I'm thinking that if I'm going to go
to the trouble of swapping out the EM, I probably ought to upgrade the
K24 turbo as well.  Would be interested in hearing about what those of
you who have done this have experienced.

I noticed noticed on Hoppen's site they sell three upgrades: 1) ECU,  2)
ECU and EM, and 3) ECU, EM and RS2 Turbo.  Is Stage 2 sufficent?   If
one does Stage 3, is it sufficent or does one need to address the MAF,
FPR, and injectors as well?

What about the turbo?  RS2?   K26?  K26/K24 hybrid,  Garrett?

Thanks for your collective wisdom and input.

Greg J

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