Turbo Upgrades?

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IMHO and IME, a bigger turbo and a better EM will work
with your software but not optimally. If the ECU can't
adapt the output values to the "hardware", you
seriously run the risk of transforming your engine
into a bomb...

However, depending on the software that you have (I
dunno what basis Ned is using for his stage III), you
could have good results.

Otherwise, try to get an RS2 turbo, IMHO it's the best
bolt-on available turbo upgrade. A K26 can provide
pretty good results as well but not as good as the

Just my 0.02,

--- Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at attbi.com> wrote:
> Quattro Crews,
> I have IA's Stage III ECU installed on my 91 200 TQA
> and a Lehmann
> Exhaust Manifold is on the way.   I'm thinking that
> if I'm going to go
> to the trouble of swapping out the EM, I probably
> ought to upgrade the
> K24 turbo as well.  Would be interested in hearing
> about what those of
> you who have done this have experienced.
> I noticed noticed on Hoppen's site they sell three
> upgrades: 1) ECU,  2)
> ECU and EM, and 3) ECU, EM and RS2 Turbo.  Is Stage
> 2 sufficent?   If
> one does Stage 3, is it sufficent or does one need
> to address the MAF,
> FPR, and injectors as well?
> What about the turbo?  RS2?   K26?  K26/K24 hybrid,
> Garrett?
> Thanks for your collective wisdom and input.
> Greg J
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