some quick S4/S6 questions...

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Wed Oct 23 09:42:06 EDT 2002

> my friend decided he can't part with his 200q20v.
> so, the search goes on. i am seriously thinking of
> upping the ante to a URS4/6. there just aren't
enough 200q20v's in the san francisco area, let alone
in the US. i was looking forward to the 200q20v as it
> wouldn't break the bank to get a nice one. i can
> afford the S4/6, but i don't like going below 5
> digits in the bank account. oh well.
> here are some quick questions. why are the 92-93 S4s
> known for weak tranny's? they corrected the problem
> with the 94-95 S6?
> what are the production numbers for the S4 and S6
> imported to the US? a lot more than the 200q20v,
> right? 80-100K on the clock is a little scary. looks
like the resale is rock solid though. i'll still loose
money, but the value won't tank.
> lastly, i've been hearing that the current 2.7T in
> the 4 and the A6 is not as stout as the UR engine,
> true? my other idea was to wait a year and buy a
2000 A6 2.7T off of lease. but everyone has one. now,
a old S car will certainly draw a crowd. not that i
need that sort of thing, but i do like to be original.
and whooping my friend's 1992 M5 would be sort of fun
too ;-)

see ya,

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