Subframe bolt torque

Charles Baer charlie at
Wed Oct 23 19:29:12 EDT 2002

The fun-house of Bentley strikes again!

I was comparing the various engine torques in section 10 of my Red
Bentley with the ones on the back cover this weekend.  That book is
just like the 200q20v set, it disagrees with itself in some places.

When I spot a torque that seems suspect, I dig around and look for
confirming numbers in other chapters or documents if I can find some.
In this weekend's case, it looks like 32lb*ft is a proper choice for
the frame bolts and engine stud of the urQ motor mount (all M10s?)
in spite of the high twenty-something torque on the back cover.


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> Right, good catch.
> I should have been more careful. I was talking about specs
> for the urquattro
> which I happen to be working on currently. 25 ft-lbs seems a
> little low.
> Maybe the Bentley is wrong in this case?
> Wolff
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