some quick S4/S6 questions...

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Wed Oct 23 23:38:21 EDT 2002

At 8:42 AM -0700 10/23/02, robert weinberg wrote:
>  > here are some quick questions. why are the 92-93 S4s
>>  known for weak tranny's?

Ask Audi. :-(
Also check the S-cars website for detailed info on this.

>they corrected the problem
>  > with the 94-95 S6?

yes, AFAIK (see above)

>  > what are the production numbers for the S4 and S6
>>  imported to the US? a lot more than the 200q20v,
>  > right?

Total numbers are small--and comparable--in both cases, IMO, although
S4 &S6 MYs do total nearly twice the number of '91 200q. Doesn't make
a whole lot of difference as to what you can see of them on the
street or in the classified ads.

>  80-100K on the clock is a little scary.

?????Nah, if you've learned _anything_ about Audis  it's that it
shouldn't be "scary" to see 100K on the odometer. Well, maybe a
"little" scary, as some maintenance comes due, and in German imports
the routine yearly tab after 10 yrs age is, realistically $1K/yr (or
more). Some yrs will be less, some more--depending on previous
maintenance, area of country and your own abilities as a wrench (and
shopper for parts).

>like the resale is rock solid though.

Only a few Audi models have had "rock solid" resale value (e.g.,
urQs). The '91 200q hasn't particularly been one of that class--much
to my consternation.

>  i'll still loose
>money, but the value won't tank.

Depends on your definition of "losing". None of these cars is an
investment (classified as something that gains or at least holds
value). It's all about pleasure and ego and, yes, transportation.
When you buy a $6K used car, just how important is resale, anyway?

Don't give up searching, and good luck.


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