Injectors anyone???

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Thu Oct 24 09:15:18 EDT 2002

No Advantage unless you need more fuel.  Anyone who was planning on
going with a RS2 setup would be interested.  These flow too much fuel
for stock application.  Stock injectors are 300cc/min @3bar.  Bosch 36
lb/hr injectors can be had for about the same price.


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Okay, I'll bite- what's the advantage of the Deka injectors?

Only thing I could find on them was:

...which seemed to suggest that they require a clear shot at an
intake valve or some other object to atomize the fuel.  That said,
the information seemed to apply to earlier generation Deka injectors.
The very limited info on the Siemens website clearly says multiple
patterns are made, and I found a press release from VW talking about
the superior atomization patterns of the Deka IV for lowering
emissions, better economy, blah blah.

Especially in the smaller sizes(btw, what are the stock injectors
rated?), Dekas seem very nicely priced- almost, but not quite, making
a set of new injectors the same price as getting a set of used Bosch
injectors serviced.  Anything that helps keep our cars passing
emissions is a good thing, I does anyone have more info
about these for the sake of argument?

I noticed a little bit of info- seems Bosch had patents on EFI that
have since expired, and now everyone is jumping in...


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