Injectors anyone???

Brian Link brianl at
Thu Oct 24 10:04:29 EDT 2002

I agree with most of what you said.  They are for people who need bigger
injectors i.e. going to an rs2 turbo, MAF etc. Or for the guys making
big boost with a bigger turbo and want more fuel during closed loop

The bosch part number 0150 280 984 (RS2 injector is 360 cc/min @3bar)
and yes the rs2 fpr is 3.8 bar. The rs2, @3.8 Bar is flowing 405 cc/min.

These injectors will work but will run rich during open loop operation,
unless the Bosch Motronic can adapt to a 26% bigger injector.

As for my sale, I'm not selling them, I only want to buy a half.


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Taka wrote:

These injectors won't work for software that isn't tweaked to run
this flow.

Also, RS2 or equiv. injectors run at diff. fuel pressure (3.8 bar)
from the 200q20v.

Not trying to impinge on your sale, Brian, but just a warning to
listers thinking of upgrading.

I'd buy them, but my RS2 stuff is a long time coming.


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