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>This was asked on the quattro list.  Passing it on for a critque...

>=2E..I'm not sure.  Or does this car have UFO's, which I don't know what
> >that means either... This car may have Fuch five spokes and not the >BBS
>wheels.  Where the Fuchs a dealer or factory option?

I think the above statement says (having fuchs, although somebody may
correct me) the car likely has the G60's as I don't think you can put the
Fuchs over UFO brakes.  To my knowledge they where not an option on the car.

and now for the next...

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>Subject: some quick S4/S6 questions...
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>80-100K on the clock is a little scary. looks
>like the resale is rock solid though. i'll still loose
>money, but the value won't tank.

Agree with the previous persons comment on mileage issues, and you really
can't dodge the depreciation bullet.  Cars are not immune from entropy, and
the system wears out over time.  Best way to dodge that (depreciation)
situation is by being supersavy on the purchase side, but then you'll have
to live with the idea that you've coopted with the previous owner/seller in
a hosejob.

> >
> > lastly, i've been hearing that the current 2.7T in
> > the 4 and the A6 is not as stout as the UR engine,
> > true? my other idea was to wait a year and buy a
>2000 A6 2.7T off of lease. but everyone has one.

Won't comment to the everyone has one line (although I guess I just did),
but I think when people start talking about stoutness problems with the 1.8
and 2.7 turbo engines it's as a result of after-market modifications.  I
believe these engines where designed pretty close to the tolerance limits of
the turbos in stock form, and hence are susceptible to longterm reliability
issues when pushed beyond that engineering envelope.  As to the 2.7, it's
especially a problem as according to what i've heard, the engine has to
basically be removed to replace fragged turbos.  The other interesting
parameter in this 1.8/2.7 equation is that fact that many of the owners
(again likely a simplification on my part) generally bemoan to the Audi gods
that they've been wronged when parts start breaking on a modified car, and
they're not given warranty sevice...

.=2E.In my book, maybe Kudos to Audi for being able to design so close to t=
mechanical limits without sacrificing long term reliability as seen in many
aeronautic engineering situations (or again, so I've heard).  Although those
aeronatic applications do have a pretty strict maintenance regiment.  Stakes
are high.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Derek P

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