some quick S4/S6 questions...&200 20V Q&A

Steven Sprague ssprague at
Thu Oct 24 14:03:26 EDT 2002


    I'm a first time lister on the 200q20v list.

Derek Pulvino wrote:

> >This was asked on the quattro list.  Passing it on for a critque...
> >...I'm not sure.  Or does this car have UFO's, which I don't know what
> > >that means either... This car may have Fuch five spokes and not the >BBS
> >wheels.  Where the Fuchs a dealer or factory option?
> I think the above statement says (having fuchs, although somebody may
> correct me) the car likely has the G60's as I don't think you can put the
> Fuchs over UFO brakes.  To my knowledge they where not an option on the car.

    The above is attributable to me.  I am looking at a 1991 200q20v sedan.
Since my history is a little scarce in these years of Audi, I was asking to
clarify my understanding.  The car inquestion still has the UFO's.  Just incase
you're wondering.  It has the BBS's, which is what I wanted.  What are your
thoughts on keeping the UFO's in the long term versus switching to G60's?

    Radiator has been replaced.  Timing belt changed in February.  Fan and
fuseblock was replaced when the fuseblock started to smoke while driving.  All
connections and items have been replaced and fixed.  Brake pads have been
replaced, not sure of mileage.  There is an occasional beep from the check
computer but the icon displayed doesn't need topping off.  The "ok" does come on
when the keys are turned.  The wiper/washer reservoir need to be replaced.
Cost?  And is the tank replaceable without replacing the motor?
    Car has been taken care of and not abused.  Current owner bought car with
50-70k miles in 1997.  Car has 135k miles.  Everything works.  Leather is in
good condition, drivers seat is cracked.  I'll see the car this weekend to
confirm a lot of this info.
    Oh, the owner is listing it at $5,200.  Right in my range.  I know some
examples are going for $12k.

    I'd appreciate any comments of things to look, listen and smell.

Thanks in advance,

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