some quick S4/S6 questions...&200 20V Q&A

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Oct 24 14:32:25 EDT 2002

>     I'm a first time lister on the 200q20v list.
>Derek Pulvino wrote:
> >
> > >This was asked on the quattro list.  Passing it on for a critque...
> >
> > >...I'm not sure.  Or does this car have UFO's, which I don't know what
> > > >that means either... This car may have Fuch five spokes and not the
> >BBS
> > >wheels.  Where the Fuchs a dealer or factory option?
> >
> > I think the above statement says (having fuchs, although somebody may
> > correct me) the car likely has the G60's as I don't think you can put
> > Fuchs over UFO brakes.  To my knowledge they where not an option on the
> >
>     The above is attributable to me.  I am looking at a 1991 200q20v
>Since my history is a little scarce in these years of Audi, I was asking to
>clarify my understanding.  The car inquestion still has the UFO's.  Just
>you're wondering.  It has the BBS's, which is what I wanted.  What are your
>thoughts on keeping the UFO's in the long term versus switching to G60's?

I'll be controversial and say keep the UFO's.  My cars got 170k and they're
fine on mine.  I know they're at least 60k miles old, since i got the car at
110k'ish and they're still going.

>     Radiator has been replaced.  Timing belt changed in February.  Fan and
>fuseblock was replaced when the fuseblock started to smoke while driving.
>connections and items have been replaced and fixed.  Brake pads have been
>replaced, not sure of mileage.  There is an occasional beep from the check
>computer but the icon displayed doesn't need topping off.  The "ok" does
>come on
>when the keys are turned.  The wiper/washer reservoir need to be replaced.
>Cost?  And is the tank replaceable without replacing the motor?
>     Car has been taken care of and not abused.  Current owner bought car
>50-70k miles in 1997.  Car has 135k miles.  Everything works.  Leather is
>good condition, drivers seat is cracked.  I'll see the car this weekend to
>confirm a lot of this info.
>     Oh, the owner is listing it at $5,200.  Right in my range.  I know
>examples are going for $12k.
>     I'd appreciate any comments of things to look, listen and smell.
>Thanks in advance,

I think the price sounds good for a purchase.  I'd probably try to earmark
mine for a higher price if a sale came up.  The "bomb" has been seen as
problems sometimes.  Chris Miller's AOL sight (don't know a link) has a good
rundown on testing this, and also provides a link to Scott Mockry's site on
the type44 (100, 200, 5k).  I think Chris may also have some good buyer
checklist info.

The beeping is probably dirty connections on the back of the instrument
cluster; saw those when I bought my car (coolant sign and beeping, also oil

Derek P

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