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Thu Oct 24 22:36:00 EDT 2002

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Hi everyone. Long time reader, only posted a few times ... anyway. Just a
general question: How many people on this list are actually the original
owners of their cars (as in bought new and have owned since then ...) I have
a theory (backed up by what I read in the posts) that most people in this
forum wern't the original owners. This makes sense ... people buying 40k+
cars are, for the most part (I know, I know, not EVERYONE, but MOST) not
going to be: a. doing a lot of the maintainence work themselves, and, b.
unless they ran into financial trouble or are way-out there Audi fans, aren't
going to be driving an 11 year old car -- albeit a nice 11 year old car --. I
have a feeling that if you could buy a 40k+ in 1991, you'll be driving a much
newer 40k+ or more in 2002.

Anyway, write on the topic, as I'm interested in finding out. Also, if anyone
wants to share their original purchasing experiences ....


P.S. Just so you know, I'm in the group of "not original owner", although in
my case, its weird, since the original owner is my dad, and we just kept the
car in the garage under covers until a few years ago when I needed a car to

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