Anybody driving off road like gravel road, I need tire recommendation. (long bla bla)

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Fri Oct 25 11:38:48 EDT 2002

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Everybody here on the list is into lowering their cars, but that has never =
appealed to me. I sure like the idea, but for practical purposes I kind of =
need to go the other way. Living in the country, here in NW Arkansas, we en=
counter numerous bad dirtroads, often with steep inclines and declines. I d=
on't think there are any straight or level roads in my area, and there are =
lots of curves that are just challenging. This is great Audi country, espec=
ially in the winter with my studded Hakka's. It is then when people notice =
my cars, because every winter when we get ice and snow , I end up being the=
 grocery guy and the mountain elevator for the community I live in.
I live on a mountain with a very steep road to get to the top, and there ar=
e not many who dare going up or down, when there is any snow or ice. It sti=
ll amazes me that there are no Audi dealers in Arkansas and there is not a =
single Audi in any salvage yard here either, I called 11 yards yesterday, a=
nd they keep on telling me, No sir I don't buy those "kind" of cars. I thin=
k they are the ideal cars for me here, because of winter time and dirtroad =
traction in the hills and explosive mega passing power for the few passing =
zones, for when I get behind a stinky Hill Billy truck going 35 on the two =
lane highway or tourist's in expensive hi perf. Caddillacs that go 40 and b=
rake for every little curve but start speeding when they get to the passing=
 zone. It for this reason that I have our cars chipped and running strong, =
because if I don't get around them, it is sometimes 10 more miles for the n=
ext legal opportunity to do so, and that means ten more miles paying real c=
lose attention to the erratic driving of the idiot in front of me. Here is =
and has always been my compromise, I need new tires again, but they have to=
 be very tough to hold up on the dirt roads and I have to be able to go 130=
 Miles Hr. The dirt roads are not made of dirt around here, they are really=
 mean flint with loose rocks and potholes. You can imagine the toll it take=
s on my tires, climbing hills or braking while going down, and not to menti=
on the controlled semi powerslides we do routinely on the gravel. All sound=
s abusive, but my cars are holding up great, and are very capable handling =
all this, without much trouble at all, that's why I have Audi's. Ofcourse w=
orn suspension parts will never go unnoticed, the clunk sound, is a jackham=
mer under the car around here. My best winter car is the '86 5KCSTQ because=
 it has way more ground clearance than the '91 200TQA or '91 200TQ. I think=
 the 200 Audi's have hang bellies because of there muffler, and I wish I co=
uld do a tummy tuck on these cars, but I don't see a way to make that happe=
n without redesigning a totally new muffler system. I guess I should buy an=
 Allroad, which I will, when they are a little riper and I am a little rich=
I bought Dunlop tires one year , they were expensive, but I had to throw th=
em away after 4 months or so, because I had so many flats with them that th=
ey were absolutely unreliable for my application. I have had good luck with=
 amazingly 3ply on foot Regul Challenger tires. Tires last me about 1 1/2 y=
ear, everything longer is bonus. Does anybody have suggestions and/or exper=
ience to help me find the most durable, toughest H rated tire? I guess I ne=
ed an H rated offroad tire 205 60 15, does that exist? I have looked at Tir=
erack tires but that still doesn't tell me the puncture resistance about th=
Hope I am not in trouble for such long post.....but enjoyed telling.
Thanks, Martin
91' 2CTQW PRL   '86 5kTQ PRL  91' 2CTQ Maroon  All cars chipped

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