Anybody driving off road like gravel road, I need tire recommendation. (long bla bla)

t44tq at t44tq at
Fri Oct 25 14:00:58 EDT 2002

I've read reports that using UrS4 springs on a 200 will result
in significantly raised ride height.

I think that with a good set of shocks (Bilstein HD or similar)
and UrS4 springs, you will get significantly raised ride height,
which sounds like what you're trying to accomplish.

Of course, your handling will also suffer from the raised ride
height, as well as worsened ride from the higher spring rate.

As for 205/60R15 tires, look to something like the Pirelli P6 Allroad
or see if the tires used on the Subaru Outback and similar vehicles will


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