Anybody driving off road like gravel road, I need tire recommendation. (long bla bla)

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Fri Oct 25 13:01:51 EDT 2002

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. Does anybody have suggestions and/or experience to help me find the most
durable, toughest H rated tire? I guess I need an H rated offroad tire 205
60 15, does that exist? I have looked at Tirerack tires but that still
doesn't tell me the puncture resistance about them.
> Hope I am not in trouble for such long post.....but enjoyed telling.
> Thanks, Martin


Your writeup sounds like something I could have written. Your roads sound
similiar to the ones I drive on in Montana. My driveway is 3000 feet of
gravel/dirt road and climbs over 300 feet in elevation - real fun in the

I have had pretty good luck using BFG tires. I am running touring T/A's
(VR4) now -225/60/15. In the winter I used studded Winter Slaloms. I get
about 30k miles to a set of tires. I have never had a flat caused by driving
on driving on gravel yet. My last set were BFG Comp T/A's which I like
better than the touring TAs but they are NLA in my size.

My wifes Caprice had 3 flats in 6 months until I replaced the tires with
Michelin X radials (LT) - no flats no in over 3 years. The Michelins are
***really*** bad in the snow, but do well on dirt/gravel. Our cars are heavy
enough to handle the stiffer sidewalls but I have no idea if the X radial is
made in the proper size.

Costco here is good about ordering tires that they don't stock in the store
and their prices are pretty good.

hope that helps,
mike miller
helmville mt

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