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Here's the info!

>Delivered-To: quattro at audifans.com
>From: <auditude at cox.net>
>That's a home built 20v motor with an MC-1 bottom end and a 7A head.  MC-1
>pistons so it has really low compression.
>The motor was blown running the wrong nitrous (fuel) jets on the
>dyno.  The owner used to post on Audiworld, but I haven't seen him
>anywhere since he blew the 20vt motor and was going to try to put in a V8
>with some turbos.
>The videos are, or were, here:
>This post explains what the cause/rationale for doing those donuts was:
>Pics of the motor:
>The dyno run with NOS that brought about the motors demise:
>Notice the sickening dead end to the obvious curves in question.
>Motor damage, hole in cylinder!:
>Not having big enough fuel jets for the NOS apparently.
>That car/motor was one of the reasons for my interest in a 7A head'ed
>hybrid 20v turbo motor.
>Here's all his pics posted on AW (I can't pull up the page right now myself):
>Bill Lockwood wlockwoo at zoo.uvm.edu
> >
> > I have seen both this video and another one of the same car in the same
> par=
> > king lot.  This may be a 5000 or 200 (I didn't look at the door
> handles) bu=
> > t it has a 20v turbo motor in it and you can see a very large
> intercooler h=
> > anging low in the front bumper cover.  I believe this car is in
> Canada... T=
> > oronto maybe?  Our type 44 chassis cars will not do this.
> >
> > Bill
> > 5000tq

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