92 20v Turbo motor FS on Ebay

Mike Sylvester mike.sylvester at att.net
Fri Oct 25 18:44:21 EDT 2002

That is the stock tranny from a 20020v.  It's just most people haven't seen
one sitting on the ground.
A Front Drive tranny is much shorter and an automatic is much different.

I do agree with the riskiness of this deal.  Unless you could find out the
story with it and confirm that you get the ECU and wiring harness I would

Since it was hit in the front and broke the timing cover and tranny mount,
you need to be sure the timing didn't jump and bend the valves.

Mike Sylvester

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From: "Brett Dikeman" <brett at cloud9.net>
Subject: Re: 92 20v Turbo motor FS on Ebay

> At 1:53 PM -0400 10/25/02, JordanVw at aol.com wrote:
> >  > This guy sounds like he has no idea what he's selling! I thought
there was
> >>  no such thing as an automatic 20v turbo?
> There isn't, unless it was frankenstein'd either by the shop, or by
> the (hopefully still intact) previous owner.  The pictures are
> horrible, but I think I see a clutch cylinder up top?  The linkage
> doesn't look right for the manual, though...and it doesn't seem to be
> long enough for a quattro tranny.  Anyone a better guesser than I? :-)
>    It is from a TENS car, so it is NOT a 5000 tranny(note the large
> TENS cable brace on the tranny.)
> >  >
> >  >
> >>
> >hmm since when did they make a "92 audi 5000" especially with a 20vT and
> >"automatic" tranny..
> >buyer beware..
> Not to mention, it is very obviously from a crash.  Note the broken
> passenger side tranny mount, cracked t-belt cover, and a complete
> lack of electronics.  If the ECU is missing, its pretty much useless
> to someone looking to do a swap...3B ecus are pretty much not
> available, and a 3rd party ecu would set you back a pretty penny for
> one with barely the features of the Motronic.  I also don't see any
> harness(and no maf sensor/airbox...)  More gotchas for a swapper.
>    The state of disassembly wrt the CVs is puzzling- its like the
> passenger side driveshaft was snapped, because they didn't bother to
> remove the CV, but did on the other side.
>    Lets not forget that a shop has to be pretty bad to not be able to
> tell the difference between an automatic and a manual transmission.
> It may seem like a great steal, but there's no mention of whether it
> even runs.  I would steer VERY clear of this one.  Tempting?  Yes.
> Too risky?  Yes.
> Brett

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