Boost Goes Away

Tom Mullane tmullane at
Sat Oct 26 20:11:17 EDT 2002

Hello All,

I am having a strange issue.  Last night, a few minutes after
accelerating hard (full boost) onto the highway, I noticed that my car
was no longer producing anywhere near full boost.  Since it was dark, I
decided I would take a look at it today, after work.  But this morning,
all was well again; plenty of boost.  Good boost on the way home from
work in the afternoon, until I again accelerated hard through gears,
then the boost fell off again.  I stopped home, changed clothes, and
jumped back in the car: full boost!  Anyone have any ideas?

At rest, key on, engine off, the boost gauge reads .8 bar.  "Full" boost
is 1.6 bar, usually.  I am running the IA stage III chip and have
struggled through a few issues since chipping back a couple of months
ago (not chip related). I have replaced the OXS, the intake temp sensor,
plugs, and wires; I also treated the MAF and TPS with Stabilant 22a.
How do my boost numbers sound?  In the ballpark, or am I low?  Thanks.

Tom Mullane
Hartford, CT
91 200Q
99 AQ6
93 90

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