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Aka, everything you ever wanted to know about eurolights but were
afraid to ask, and a group purchase :-)

If you're looking for eurolights, then the email attached below is an
option.  Just note- group purchases from Europe are not for the
impatient.  Don't expect them to show up a few days after you 'order'
:-)  Also, eurolights are infamous for breaking in shipment due to
slightly-better-than-paper-mache packaging on the part of Bosch or
Hella- don't get all in a fuss if yours arrive broken, it happens all
the time, just send 'em back.


-glass can be replaced($50-60/side), in fact, I think parts
availability for the guts is fairly decent although Taka had some
trouble recently...

-better light distribution, and you're starting with brand new
lenses.  People who have a lot of miles on their car notice the
change in particular.  Less noticeable  if you're coming from US
lights that are relatively new.

-pencil beam aux driving lights where the parking light usually is on
the US models make for great long distance high beams.  Parking light
functionality replaced by ultra-cool-looking city lights.

-fixes that nasty problem where going to highbeams just makes your
lights blink and aim a little higher up :-)

Unless you install a harness, DO NOT connect the aux driving
beam(they double the wattage going to the stock switch), and do NOT
run overwattage bulbs.

Stonguard film is available but be careful to get the euro cut, NOT
the US cut which has cutouts for the DOT alignment...uh...dots :-)
Also note that Stonguard does not guarantee against lens breakage if
you run -anything- higher than stock wattages.

The eurolight unit replaces the entire headlight assembly, including
side light/reflector.  They are too big for the lighted reflector, so
the replacement is a simple clear reflector which is more than
adequate at marking the front corner of the car.  The marker is
instead used to power the city light bulb, which is inset at the
bottom of the reflector and gives a spiffy lookin' glow.

Also- despite my opinion about Blau, their eurolight harness is
probably one of the nicest I've seen(quality of assembly was
excellent), and you do get a bunch of hardware and pretty good
instructions with photos.  The harness comes with enough
gear(including switch, though not one that looks at home in an Audi)
to do switchable aux driving beams.

It is almost entirely plug and play, save power and ground- I think
it even plugs into the side marker lights without modification, but
its been a while since I looked.

   Only thing it does NOT come with are the eurolight boots- they use
a 4-pin connector with the proper dimensions, but no weather
protection.  Chopping off the connector and installing eurolight
boots is certainly an option.  Also, I believe it doesn't 'fool'
autocheck so you get bulb warnings- they might have fixed that
problem, however.

Installation of the eurolights themselves are pretty easy- front trim
comes off, old headlight out, new headlight in.  Jumper post on our
cars must be relocated- mine has been 'temporarily' zip-tied to the
upper adjustment post on my eurolight for the last 4 years :-)

For those who are newer to the list or don't know Alex/Bob, Alex used
to be on the 200q20v list and had been a lister for a few years.  He
has been in business for a year or two(possibly more) and I do not
recall any complaints.  Bob is a longtime lister who(among other
things) has been the q-list Sticker Distribution Guy(they help keep
Audifans going-  http://frank.mercea.net/~brett/sticker/ ).

Disclaimer- no interest in the below, just forwarded it from the main
list because I know the subject comes up periodically.


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>Hi Y'all,
>I've been doing some checking and find that it is possible to do a group
>purchase of Euro lights for most Audis through EuroPrice
>http://www.euro-audi-parts.com/  This company is operated by former list
>member Alexander van Gerbig.  He is willing to provide group pricing
>discount for GPs with as few as 3 group members, of course, the larger the
>group the better.  Also, he is willing to provide group pricing for
>non-identical purchases.  IOW, we don't need 3 or more purchases for
>identical sets of Euro lights for '95 urS6s or three or more for lights for
>'89 200tqs for example.  We will be able to mix and match.  One pair for
>the urS6, a second pair for that 200tq and a third pair for an '87 urq (or
>whatever other combination) will work.  The size of the discount will vary
>depending on several factors such as the number of group members and just
>how good a price he can get at the time from his German suppliers.  The RS2
>group now under way will be getting an approximate 15% reduction.
>If you are interested in such a GP send Alexander a mail at "Europrice"
><contact at euro-audi-parts.com> and tell him what you want (I would
>appreciate a CC to me as well).  He will want payment in full (exact amount
>to be arranged before anything becomes final) before ordering the
>lights.  Alexander prefers PayPal.
>Disclaimer:  I get nothing out of this other than a possible discount the
>same as any other group member.
>  Robert L. Myers   304-574-2372
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