Eurolight Group Purchase

t44tq at t44tq at
Sat Oct 26 19:08:57 EDT 2002

Actually, no problems with replacing parts that
are replaceable. I had a sheared top mount that is
part of the housing that is non-replaceable, as well
as a broken reflector.

I have a replacement reflector probably going on the
car tomorrow.

BTW- the Eurolights have many replaceable parts- the metal
top plate, the side reflector, the lenses, the trim around
the lamp, the internal reflectors, the bulb housing doors,
etc. can all be replaced.

IME, Stongard film is not suitable if you use higher than
stock wattage bulbs- mine has discolored right at the hot
spot, even with mostly 55/60W bulb usage. Gotta dig up my
replacement set to reinstall.

I can say that I'm very satisfied with the business I've done
with Alexander (Europrice) to date.


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