Driver's Side Rearview Mirror Damage

Steve Hackett sbhack at
Sat Oct 26 23:32:46 EDT 2002

Should be same parts as any 89-91 100 or 200.
Dads or Shokan would certainly have the parts,
(I don't have the web addresses or phone #'s handy),
..... or anyone parting out.

Steve H.

At 04:10 PM 10/26/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Without going into the gruesome details, let's just say that my drivers
>side mirror encountered a roadside traffic marker at about 60 MPH the
>other night. I'm really glad it was only the mirror. The impact knocked
>the acutal mirror completely out of the framework and there is was
>flapping around in the wind, still attached to the car via the two
>heater wires. My intitial hope was that the mirror only was wrecked
>(it's all cracked and shattered), but closer instpection reveals damage
>to the framework and rubber boot that covers the area between the part
>attached to the car and the floopy part that holds the mirror and
>adjustment mechanism and wiring.
>So, I need parts. The whole assembly is flat black (my car in Glacier
>Blue) and probably the real fix is a complete unit. I could probably get
>away with just replacing the mirror, I think the adjust mechanism still
>works and so it would function OK, but that rubber boot/cover thing is
>dislodged and pulled away from the rest of the assembly (probably
>something metal in there is bent) so it would not be right. Anybody know
>of parts for this? Idealy a complete used, undamaged one, or the mirror
>only? Can you even buy these new from Audi?
>Any leads, help, advise, etc. is greatly appreciated.
>Neil Vonhof
>'91 200q20v Sedan, 140,000 miles
>IA Stage 3, Borbet Wheels, K&N Air Filter
>Bilstein Sport Shocks, UFO's, V8 Taillights
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