[s-cars] New Wheel Suggestions

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 26 22:08:31 EDT 2002

--- t44tq at mindspring.com wrote:
> Listers-
> I'm in need of a new set of wheels due to a public
> works road damage incident and would like some suggestions
> for wheels that are relatively lightweight (under 24lbs.),
> strong and inexpensive. I know that's virtually an impossibility,
> but thought I'd ask.
> Must be 17x8 ET30-40, must clear S4tt brakes at the minimum.
> Any suggestions? I'm leaning toward Mille Miglia MM11^2 unless
> someone has a better suggestion. I can't find a decent set of
> OEM wheels, otherwise I'd think about that as well. Anyone know
> how heavy the 5-spoke 17x7.5 B6 A4 wheel is?
> Otherwise, it's Borbet Type E or OZ Chrono Evo.

SSR integral or SSR competition.  they get high praise from racers.
the OEM ford mustang cobra R rims are 17x9 and weigh 22 lbs.  the
equivalent SSR integrals supposedly weigh 18 lbs. for the same size.


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