FW: MSD update

Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Sun Oct 27 20:18:15 EST 2002

To follow up my previous post, I took the car on a 150 mile round trip. The
only change I have made is the addition of the MSD box. Gas mileage up
between 15% -20% for the trip portion.  Using only the fuel consumed
function of the computer ( I know, not the most accurate) I returned an
amazing 30mpg, with AC with average speeds around 60-65.. While that may
turn out to be a bit optimistic, the computer information has always been
within about 5%. The  car pulls smoothly to redline, with no bucking in
every gear. Took it to the track this weekend and I got full boost the whole
time. Of course, YMMV. Next project will be to replace rad with custom, and
replace aux rad with real oil cooler.
91 200q

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