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Just wanted to add my bits worth below...


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The eurolight unit replaces the entire headlight assembly, including
side light/reflector.  They are too big for the lighted reflector, so
the replacement is a simple clear reflector which is more than
adequate at marking the front corner of the car.  The marker is
instead used to power the city light bulb, which is inset at the
bottom of the reflector and gives a spiffy lookin' glow.

I've had a hard time finding a bulb that fits the socket well, and is
subject to a constant connection.  I think I used aluminum foil to wrap the
bulb, to fill the socket and still pass current.  Pretty shadetree...but it

Also- despite my opinion about Blau, their eurolight harness is
probably one of the nicest I've seen(quality of assembly was
excellent), and you do get a bunch of hardware and pretty good
instructions with photos.  The harness comes with enough
gear(including switch, though not one that looks at home in an Audi)
to do switchable aux driving beams.

It is almost entirely plug and play, save power and ground- I think
it even plugs into the side marker lights without modification, but
its been a while since I looked.

Only thing it does NOT come with are the eurolight boots- they use
a 4-pin connector with the proper dimensions, but no weather
protection.  Chopping off the connector and installing eurolight
boots is certainly an option.  Also, I believe it doesn't 'fool'
autocheck so you get bulb warnings- they might have fixed that
problem, however.

I wound up actually buying the Audi connector from the same people who
supplied the light, and at the same time as installing that, used it as an
opportunity to install the boots that didn't come with the kit as per Brett.
  The other thing I didn't like about their kit was that the backside of
some of the connections was open and exposed to the weather; I believe what
I'm thinking of was the backside of the relay block.  Thought that could
have been better protected especially given it's exposure to the elements.
I wound up wrapping it with electrical tape, though I haven't looked again
to see how well this held.

Installation of the eurolights themselves are pretty easy- front trim
comes off, old headlight out, new headlight in.  Jumper post on our
cars must be relocated- mine has been 'temporarily' zip-tied to the
upper adjustment post on my eurolight for the last 4 years :-)

I wound up just bolting it back on using one of the screws in/from the
original mounting.  Slickest solution I was was somebody using a piece of
aluminum or plastic appropriately drilled that was the same width as the
mounting spot, but a little more than twice as wide; that way you can secure
the aluminum to the original mounting spot, and then mount the jump start
post further towards the engine, attached to the aluminum.  Picture would
really help here.


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