Gear GB close out

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at
Sun Oct 27 22:53:49 EST 2002

Agreed, Derek.  I like that one the best also.  So our final decision then
is: Of the roughly $500. residual would say $125 each for our efforts and
split the remainder between the two lists feel good to you?  Pick a figure
and let's go for it!

A draft e-mail to the lists, adjusted to our agreed amount, might read as

To: audi-20v <audi20v at>
    200q20V mailing list <200q20v at>
Subject: 20V Distributor Drive Gear Fab Project, closeout distributions.

Dear members, and in particular the participants in the subject group fab
and buy program, We are pleased to inform you that we have ended up with
surplus funds, payments for gears shipped net of expenses, amounting to
approximately $250.  Rather than enduring the additional effort and expense
of refunding small amounts to each participant, we have elected to divide
this residual between the two list moms, to be used by each at her
discression to defer respective list operating and maintainence expenses.
Moms, please contact us with your payment instructions and checks will be


Derek Pulvino <dbpulvino at>
Bernie Benz <b.m.benz at>

Derek, if you wish, I can send the final e-mail, inasmuch as I have access
to both lists.  Don't forget, I have about $5 coming first, for postage.

Regards, Bernie

> From: "Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at>
> Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 18:40:49 -0800
> To: b.m.benz at
> Subject: Re: Gear GB close out
> Bernie,
> I'm disposed to look to this option most favorably...
>> 2.  You, as well as I, have put a lot of time and effort into this project,
>> and some compensation may well be in order, under the existing surplus
>> funds
>> situition.  We could take, say $100. each as deferred compensation, and
>> distribute the remainder among the two lists.  This smaller distribution to
>> the lists woud mask the gross overcharge.
>> Any distribution to the lists IMO should be acknowledged to the whole
>> membership of each list by e-mails to each list in which we disclose the
>> amount and the reason for the distribution, thanking our customers for the
>> contribution.  We would get only accolades, and no static about this
>> distribution decision, in either alternative.  Further, I would avoid
>> mentioning any deferred compensation (which can hardly be considered
>> "personal profit") to the "managing team".
> Agreed, if we are going to choose to "give somethig back to the community,"
> that action in itself would be saying enough.  It would be pretty helpful
> all around.  "Deffered compensation" might raise some hackles as you'd
> said-ie can't use the list to market.
> I don't think it was a mistake to pad the pricing, as there really was no
> knowing what could have come up unexpectedly given our experience prior to
> setting a price and collecting (ie delays, hob, etc).  I was thinking about
> it today, another option would have been once the gears were in hand, to get
> a better idea on pricing for shipping, make some projections based on that,
> and then refund something along with the deliveries from that point on.
> Spilt milk, damage done, etc.  Additionally, there's no reason you should
> have had to eat your gas, but even with that rolled in, and about $140 in
> comp gears, we still have a goodly sum left.
> Live and learn.
> Next time anybody creates and manufactures 130 pieces for a group purchase,
> I think I'll be able to imbibe with words of wisdom.  The only remaining
> question will be, what %to lists vs ourselves.  125per? 150*2 and 125*2?
> dp
>> Derek, I have purposely not shared these thoughts with Alan because he was
>> not involved in the actual gear production and distribution as were you and
>> I.
>> Your thoughts?
>> Bernie
>>> From: "Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at>
>>> Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 11:59:51 -0700
>>> To: b.m.benz at, alancordeiro at
>>> Subject: Re: Gear GB close out
>>> Guys,
>>> Depostied the last check, and checked the account.  Assuming all of the
>>> checks have cleared (Bernie's and The last payment to LFW), we have
>> about
>>> $500 in there.
>>> I agree with Bernie, that the time and additional cost to mail the money
>>> back to everybody makes the refund idea somewhat prohibitive from a cost
>>> effective standpoint.  My idea is to send out an email to everbody who
>> was
>>> involved, detail where the money went, and give them 3 options; refund;
>>> donation to lists; split amongst us; or a combination thereof.
>>> For me, while it did take a lot more time than I was expecting, and I
>> would
>>> like to compensated for my time, I've still got to hold myself to my
>>> original word.  AKA "not for profit."  Again, I guess more work.  So do
>> we
>>> decide on our own and let the constituency know what our idea is.
>>> Derek P
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