CV boot replacement: stripped inner cv joint bolts

Pat Dooley pdooley at
Sun Oct 27 23:15:11 EST 2002

nothing ugly about a drill.
the stripped out hole will center the drill bit.
easy job if you have room to work and bolt head is not harder than your bit.

or, you might try hammering in a torx or allen bit

or, spray the bolt with brake cleaner, dry with compressed air and mig weld
a big nut onto the bolt head.

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> Subject: CV boot replacement: stripped inner cv joint bolts
> Set out to replace the driver's side outer CV boot on my 89 200q today...
> Three of the six Torx head bolts that attach the inner CV joint to the
> transimission are stripped.  The Torx heads are stripped.  Seems the axle
> has been removed in the past and new bolts were not used and the Torx was
> already compromised.  Joy.
> Aside from any ugly approach like saws, drills, or vise grips, does
> anyone have any clever ideas?
> Ed
> Colorado Springs
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