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  It was a 6-BTM which has an externally adjustable iginition timing
adustment under boost. I believe the number was 6462, and was purchased from
Summit Racing. Wiring was relatively straight forward, followed directions.
I had a friend help who is more knowledgeable than me. It was set up so if
the MSD should fail, the original coil wires can be hooked back up easily.
The MSD electrical connections ultimately get hooked up to the coil. A T was
put in the same line I used for my boost gauge to hook up pressure line from
91 200qa

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Can you be specific on what exactly you put in? MSD what? How was it tapped


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> To follow up my previous post, I took the car on a 150 mile round
> trip.
> only change I have made is the addition of the MSD box. Gas mileage up
> between 15% -20% for the trip portion.  Using only the fuel consumed
> function of the computer ( I know, not the most accurate) I returned
> an amazing 30mpg, with AC with average speeds around 60-65.. While
> that may turn out to be a bit optimistic, the computer information has
> always been within about 5%. The  car pulls smoothly to redline, with
> no bucking in every gear. Took it to the track this weekend and I got
> full boost the
> time. Of course, YMMV. Next project will be to replace rad with
> custom,
> replace aux rad with real oil cooler.
> Regards,
> Jerry
> 91 200q
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