92 20v Turbo motor FS on Ebay

Martin Pot paulnet at direcway.com
Mon Oct 28 11:53:47 EST 2002

OK I can't stand the hypothesizing guessing game anymore and have contacted
the seller. He answered me, that he has become aware of the problem and will
get the confusing info straightened out. He says that he will post the
correct info on our list, once he has got it all figured out. Basically he
told me he is new to Ebay and that this motor was pulled out of an Audi 5000
automatic, and that his Audi illiterate partner, had pulled it out of this
car and thought this was the original engine. The seller thinks that this
must not have been the original motor to this car, and that someone has
replaced the original 10 valve auto for the 20 valve standard. He is pretty
embarrassed about the whole deal, and he doesn't even have any idea about
the tremendous analyzing mindpower of you here on the list, that cannot be
fooled or misled to even the slightest detail regarding anything about our
cars. Give him a break guys I don't think there is anything fishy, he is
just not an Audi guy, and is he just not perfect like us:) (just a joke now)
91' 2CTQW PRL   '86 5kTQ PRL  91' 2CTQ Maroon  All cars chipped

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