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... and how is this device used? Sounds...uhm...risky.

At 8:54 AM -0500 10/28/02, Beer, Jerald wrote:
>   It was a 6-BTM which has an externally adjustable iginition timing
>adustment under boost. I believe the number was 6462, and was purchased from
>Summit Racing. Wiring was relatively straight forward, followed directions.
>I had a friend help who is more knowledgeable than me. It was set up so if
>the MSD should fail, the original coil wires can be hooked back up easily.
>The MSD electrical connections ultimately get hooked up to the coil. A T was
>put in the same line I used for my boost gauge to hook up pressure line from
>91 200qa
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>Can you be specific on what exactly you put in? MSD what? How was it tapped
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>>  To follow up my previous post, I took the car on a 150 mile round
>>  trip.
>>  only change I have made is the addition of the MSD box. Gas mileage up
>>  between 15% -20% for the trip portion.  Using only the fuel consumed
>>  function of the computer ( I know, not the most accurate) I returned
>>  an amazing 30mpg, with AC with average speeds around 60-65.. While
>>  that may turn out to be a bit optimistic, the computer information has
>>  always been within about 5%. The  car pulls smoothly to redline, with
>>  no bucking in every gear. Took it to the track this weekend and I got
>>  full boost the
>>  time. Of course, YMMV. Next project will be to replace rad with
>>  custom,
>>  replace aux rad with real oil cooler.
>>  Regards,
>>  Jerry
>>  91 200q
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