Rad project

Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Mon Oct 28 13:47:51 EST 2002

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I am going to have a custom rad fabricated for the 91 200q. The goal is to
make a thicker more efficient rad and insert it into the same place as the
factory rad. The fabricator wants to have the old one in hand to use. Since
I do not want to pull mine out and have the car sit for a couple of weeks
(best case scenario), I am looking for someone's old/nonusable/nonrepairable
rad that is just lying around.Don;t care how bad it leaks, as long as it is
pretty much in one piece.  I will obviously pay costs of transport. I plan
on have the new one made with the extra fitting for the aux rad which I
expect won't be needed, but I will have it threaded so I can use it or
easily close it off. If it works out, and there is interest, I will share my
finding with the list. Please contact me off line if you can help out. Thx
91 200qa

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