Gear GB close out

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Oct 28 22:08:06 EST 2002

Another quick note:

In my previous email I said that I would send something to everybody
individually.  I had hoped to be doing that right now, but just found out
that due to a recent computer crash on our home computer, we've lost excel
(it has not been reinstalled).

Things being as they are, I can't access my master email list until I can
get at the program, and from there really can't send something to everybody
individually until then.

I hope to get this follow on message sent out in the next hour or two.

I guess considering the time, this slight delay will be neglible, and thus
this message redundant as most probably won't see the list message much
before the one to their electronic doorsteps.

Derek P

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