92 20v Turbo motor FS on Ebay

Martin Pot paulnet at direcway.com
Tue Oct 29 01:40:29 EST 2002

I can really understand your point, but I still don't think you can say that
this guy is an evil salesman. I understand that he is just totally
misinformed about this motor and possibly the other ones he is selling
also.May be he should not be selling them at all, because he obviously does
not have the expertise, to rate or judge the quality of his motors. This is
going to cause for some very unhappy customers if he doesn't catch up quick,
and if he doesn't, he will be branded with the evil salesman mark. What
really gets me, is that he is getting bids!! I just don't understand anyone
bidding on an expensive item, like this old motor, with no history or
knowledge of its condition, and it sure doesn't seem like the salesman is
capable of  producing that info. I don't believe that a non mechanically
inclined person would even be interested in buying a motor like this, and
someone who knows about these engines would have a bunch of detailed
questions, but could never get them answered. It really puzzles me who is
bidding on this motor, and what their intentions are. I have the feeling we
will find out, because the buyer will probably have to come to the list for
help, and I will be curious about the condition of the motor. It still could
be a very good motor, or with a little cleaning and paint it could make a
nice stand for a heavy duty glass coffee table, but I hope this motor will
make someone's Quattro real happy. We all know how durable these motors are,
and it seems a rarity for an Audi motor to catastrophically fail.  I am
definitely not qualified either, to be able to tell the condition of a motor
like this. I have had the '86 since '89 and I have never had any "real"
engine trouble, the only trouble is all the stuff around it. I just keep on
replacing and hope to never have to buy  a whole other engine, but I might
need a new interior. I have not even any idea what a decent Audi engine will
sell for. All I do is keeping  the 3 Audi's maintained and running strong,
whatever they need, including my patience. If they go for a longer stretch
without trouble, I buy them candy, like a new piece of trim or some extra
preventive stuff.
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> Yes, I understand and can even believe all this.
> BUT... as many others have already posted, this car
> was f*cking smashed.  Not just a little.  They sheared
> off the driveaxle and trans mount on the right side.
> O.K., that's 1.  Second is, what do you do for
> electronics?  Make it up?  Build a ECU and wiring
> harness along with all the other missing components in
> your basement?  I'm more than willing to give this guy
> "a break", but it seems to me this is only useful to
> someone with an identical engine that had expired and
> only if it actually runs.  I don't think I'm being
> overly critical or skeptical.  But I'll be God dammed
> if I'll pay x thousand dollars for some obviously
> wrecked POS fromm someone I don't know from Adam
> hoping it might work.  Again, don't misunderstand me,
> I don't have anything against you or him, but I'm
> ALWAYS skeptical when buying things that seem much too
> good to be true from people I don't know.  Or someone
> who knows them.  Sorry if you don't like to hear this,
> but too bad.

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